Danger Zone


Prep him.


How puppies help when you’re sick.

It’s a sad day for your financial state when your calculator and your vibrator have to share batteries.

hmmm - write guy/guy fanfic romangst, or embroider?

I feel like some teenage girl in Elizabethan England had this exact conundrum. 

It’s fascinating, the random musings that can cross you mind as you dump out the trash at work.

Like, what would happen if you put a man on a sybian?




It was unanimous! You wanted the Political Animals deleted scene? You got it! Last one!

Oh god poor TJ never had a chance at staying clean; he surrounded himself with such shitty people. *sob*

sgt-buckys-eyeliner, hold me…

ink-phoenix - Have you seen this yet?!?!

do another omega!bucky plssssssss


OH MAN OH NO OK should i do post-winter solder? haven’t done that yet right.

so, i’ve read a few fics where bucky sort of comes back to himself because he goes in heat from prolonged use without suppressants. First, let me start of saying that I think that as the Winter Soldier, they told him he was an alpha. Unknowingly, they gave him suppressants every time he was awake, and they brainwashed him into thinking he was an alpha. SURPRISE, SURPRISE WHEN HE MEETS THE MAN ON THE BRIDGE, AND HE FEELS TIED TO HIM. He knows him. Something deeper than programming, deeper than code. Something innate that you can’t get rid of. Because Bucky was a mated omega. And you can’t force that to go away. They could make him forget his mate and the fact that he was an omega easy enough because Steve was presumably dead when they found him. But then he fought him on the bridge and this huge, kindly alpha calls him Bucky and has the saddest look in his big blue eyes and Bucky…hesitates.

Because he knows him. Deep in his bones.

And then they wipe him again and he forgets. But he sees Steve again and Steve, tells him everything, refuses to fight him just. “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. You’ve my best friend since I was 6. And my mate since I was 18.” And Bucky, confused and whining and wondering why everything in him wants to protect him…

"You’re my mission!" Because he can’t be anyone else. He cant be mated to an alpha because that would mean…

"Then finish it. Cus I’m with you…til the end of the line." And everything in Bucky just stops. He watches Steve fall, fall, fall and something in him rebels violently against that, against watching his mate and he drops after him, drags him up to the shore, stares at him. Sees that Steve is spitting out water and fucking panics because.

If Steve is right…if the man with the shield is right…He doesn’t know how to be an omega anymore. And he’s tried to kill his alpha. And he runs, to try to remember, to try to forget, he just runs.

What he doesn’t know, doesnt remember, is that Steve has never wanted Bucky as this placid, little typical omega that the movies and books all say. Steve likes Bucky as a fighter. It’s what drew him to him to begin with, when Steve was small and sickly and Bucky an omega that finished Steve’s fights.

Steve doesn’t want an omega. He just wants Bucky. Who happens to be an omega.


Chris would be that father-to-be who is absolutely in love with the whole process. He has such a deep respect for his girl for the fact that she’s pregnant with his baby that he’d weight on her hand and foot and only make his love for her know no bounds. He’d admit in interviews to running out in…

Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space.
Alex Elle   (via housewifeswag)